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Color sorting / Color sorting

3D visual imaging technology

1、Holographic data acquisition using ultra high resolution industrial digital camera and unique LED light source system. Gauss modeling algorithm is used to detect and analyze the visual comprehensive features of fruits and vegetables in complex background,to obtain high-quality image information of big data to grade fruit and vegetable surface color, size, shape, volume, density, defects and epidermis fold, rot and other indicators accurately.

Unique advantage:

2、Color recognition is carried out by advanced techniques such as UV,H chromatography and Grayscale.

Take advantage of Gaussian mixture modeling and adaptive patent updating technology for the precise sorting of fruits and vegetables under high-speed dynamic and complex background (pedicel, calyx, umbilical region of navel orange, irregular spots, etc.) .
The unique weight/visual information fusion space matrix evaluation and sorting method of fruit and vegetable grade by REEMOON is utilized.
Grading at an ultra high speed, high precision, omnidirectional Color level .