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Weight sorting / Weight sorting

The weighing system can sort at a high accuracy.Using double sensors and four points contact to make up for the inaccurate weight caused by the incorrect weighing position during the high speed operation of fruits and vegetables.Sorting speed: high speed with multiple lanes make the weight error of fruit is very small at the high speed operation.Weight Range: 9-999 g sorting grade. The Automatic measuring function supports both full carton conveying and standard quantity carton packing convey , even can be switched automatically.

The weighing system of REEMOON has the function of temperature compensation, which can be controlled and calibrated according to the temperature change of at different time in the pack house to ensure the stability of the weighing system.

Reasonable design ensures the simple maintenance, e.g. the cup can be replaced within a few seconds without using tools. The UI  is user- friendly, it can be operated after short time training.

Scope of application:Mainly used for sorting of round and elliptical fruits and vegetables such as navel orange, citrus, lemon, apple, onion, etc.