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Company culture /

Touching the customer with loyalty and diligent work

Core Value
Customer are supreme                   Diligence and pragmatic
Perseverance and focus                 Innovation and aggressive
Competition and collaboration        Gratefulness and integrit

Our Mission

To provide opportunities to use advanced, cost-effective equipment and services for more fruit enterprise all over the world.
To promote the world's post-harvest technology advancement with technology and innovation, to help the user reach greater potential and add more value.
To motivate the employee to achieve higher potential and create more value.

Our Vision
To be a world-renowned enterprise in the field of fruit post-harvest equipment, the industry's best partner, leading the industry into a new era.

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Development path /
Reemoon established in 2001.
Developed China's first fruit and vegetable electronic weight sorting machine, and promoted it in Gannan , occupying 95% of Gannan's market share, supporting the Navel orange post-harvest industry.
We also applied in China's main citrus production areas such as Guangxi, Hunan, Sichuan, Hubei, etc., accounting for 70% of Chinese citrus electronic sorting market.

Reemoon independently developed China's first dual-channel fruit and vegetable electronic weight sorting machine.
Promoted lemon electronic sorting equipment in Anyue, Sichuan, which currently accounts for 90% of the lemon sorting market. At the same year, our machine exported to abroad.
we developed China's first four-lane fruit electronic weight sorting machine Independently . Since then, Reemoon has entered the field of post-harvest large-scale equipment technology, break down the international monopoly. 
The kiwifruit sorting equipment was developed and widely used in Chengdu, Sichuan and Xi'an, Shaanxi. It currently occupies 80% of the national kiwifruit market, and is the supporting enterprise of domestic kiwifruit post-harvest service.
Reemoon won the title of “High-tech Enterprise”, Reemoon Fruit and Vegetable Electronic Weight Sorting Machine won the support of National Innovation Fund. 
Independently , we developed China's first fruit and vegetable intelligent sorting machine integrating color, shape, size, volume and density function.


We developed multi-source information sorting equipment for Jiangxi Nanfeng Tangerine,  which making a significant contribution to the export of Nanfeng Tangerine, occupied 85% of the market share of Nanfeng Tangerine.

The machine won the second prize of Jiangxi Science and Technology, the technology reached the international advanced level.

We successfully developed the world's first dates intelligent sorting equipment, and applied to China's largest dates industry company - "Haoxiangni ", sorting by color, plumpness, decay and other indicators of dates, originate dates Electronic sorting equipment in China.

We successfully developed non-pollution preservation equipment (hot water treatment system). Reemoon became the supporting enterprise of National Navel Orange Engineering Technology Research Center. The Corporate legal person was included in the "Ganpo yingcai 555 Project" leading talent training program.
The world's first Pomelo sorting equipment was successfully developed to support the quality assurance of Chinese pomelo exports. The internal quality non-destructive detection equipment, feeding robots, automatic bagging machines were also developed in the same year.

Established subsidiaries in South Africa and Shaanxi. We expanded and enriched our sorting categories with cherry and dragon fruit sorting machine.
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Company welfare /
To create an open and inclusive environment, respect the individualization of talents, and cultivate compound talents.
Employees are the company's most valuable asset. Training high-quality employees will be an important task for us in the future.
We work together with our employees to share wealth and are a new motion for our future success.

To have the ability to develop and learn in their own fields,  to have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of projects in the real world challenge, to turn ideas or concepts into work/market solutions, if you consider these as the most important thing in your career, then welcome to join us.

At Reemoon, we will provide you the environment to success. Because we know that your success is inseparable from our success. We offer flexible working hours, diverse projects and the ability to improve skills. We are committed to your career development. We encourage you to experience our industry . You will see how your work impacts the customer. By providing accurate high-speed sorting machines to the fresh produce market, Reemoon is changing the situation of fresh market.